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HANSA commercial chippers are fit for purpose

HANSA commercial chippers offer the perfect balance of capacity, size, weight and power to ensure the workday runs smoothly and efficiently.

With a lower cost outlay than larger chippers, a HANSA C65 provides a 10-inch capacity machine on less than 2000kg of total weight, making the C65 more affordable and able to be towed by more team members and vehicles than larger and heavier chippers. This also allows more flexibility when planning crews and work sites.

Increased productivity

Tight access and hard to reach sites? The HANSA C65RX is less than 1.5 metres wide, making it ideal for those sites where other chippers mean dragging branches to the roadside. This tracked chipper will be there where you need it. Add the T20 trailer and turn the C65RX into a fully-fledged tow-behind chipper. The bespoke design of the T20 trailer allows the operator to feed the chipper from a normal height and shoot the chip straight into the bin of the truck.

Turn your HANSA C65 into a true all rounder by adding some optional extras. Add a 1.5t capacity hydraulic winch and improve productivity even further while reducing the workload for the team. Drag branches and wood to the chipper without the need for manhandling. Via a re-direct pulley system, you can also use the winch to support felling and the setup of rigging operations.

The ‘Lift and crush’ option allows lifting the feed roller on the chipper and getting larger volumes of branches in the machine. It’s another productivity gain for the team when undertaking felling or large reductions where bigger volumes of branches need to be processed.

The C27

Footpath side feeding for safer worksites is as simple as lifting two handles on the C27 and rotating the feed hopper to the desired location. A quick swing of the outlet chute and the chipper is setup and ready to be fed from the footpath and chipped straight into the truck.

The 360-degree turntable on the C27 will take the team out of harm’s way, reduce traffic-management site dimensions and increase productivity. The six-inch capacity is ideal for street tree-pruning work, small removals, and line clearance in cities.
Weighing 1030kg (fully loaded), this is another chipper that can be easily towed by various team members and vehicles.

Productive and versatile

HANSA chippers all have one thing in common: a larger infeed than the chipping capacity.

For example, the C27 has a 160mm (six-inch) chipping capacity and an in-feed opening at the feed roller of 330mm x 178mm. These large in-feed openings are another point that set HANSA apart from the rest. It comes back to the passion the HANSA team has for making the most operator friendly, productive and versatile chippers available.

Knowing about the advantages of the HANSA range of commercial chippers is one thing, but seeing them in action is another. HANSA and its distribution partner EEA Group are available for demonstrations across Australia.

Get in touch today and get a HANSA out to your next work site for a demonstration.